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SD2IEC SD card disc drive emulator

SD card floppy drive emulator

Various colours, cased or uncased with diskswap, reset/root buttons

from TFW8b   price: 28-47 GBP
platforms: Vic20,C64,C16,plus4,C128

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SD Disk Drive emulator LCD

SD card floppy drive emulator

With LCD screen, power supply and card. Case is available separately.

from Retro Fun   price: 49.95 GBP
platforms: C64,C128

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S-Video & Composite Video Cable

High quality S-vide lead

For a better picture than RF or composite, fits Certain commodore models.

from Retro Computer Shack (Ian Priddey)   price: 11.99 GBP
platforms: C64,C128,Plus4

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Mssiah cartridge

MIDI software and hardware

MIDI, sequencer, synthesizer

from 8bit ventures   price: 49.95 EUR
platforms: C64,C128

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4 Player Interface

Up to four players with real joysticks can play together

Provides two additional standard joystick ports via the user port.

from Protovision   price: from 15 EUR
platforms: C64,C128

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Ethernet interface

Ethernet connectivity and more

from RETRO Innovations   price: 54 USD
platforms: C64,C128

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Micromys V5

PS2 mouse adapter

Versatile and easy-to-set-up mouse adaptor.

from Individual Computers   price: 29.94 EUR
platforms: C64,C128,Vic20,XL,XE

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Get 'Em DX

procedurally generated maze game

Maze shmup that plays like Pac Man with guns, optionally with two players

from RGCD   price: from 5.99 GBP
platforms: C64,C128

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SpeedCalc 2019


an enhanced version of the SpeedCalc (1986) for Commodore 64 and 128

from Ilker Ficicilar   price: free
platforms: C64,C128

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The ultimate SID replacement for your C64

Accurate replication of the original SID MOS 6581 and 8580 with exact reproduction of the digital sound generation part.

from FPGASID   price: 79.95 EUR
platforms: C64,C128

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Unijoysticle 2

Modern bluetooth gamepads for retro computers

Use modern Bluetooth controllers (gamepads, mice, smart TV remote controllers, including Xbox One and Sony Dualshock 4) in retro computers like the Commodore 64/128, Atari ST, Amiga and more.

from RETRO.MOE   price: 30 USD
platforms: C64,C128,C16,Plus4,Vic20,XL,XE

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