Micromys V5

PS2 mouse adapter

from Individual Computers

price: 31,19 EUR platforms: C64,C128,Vic20,XL,XE

Versatile and easy-to-set-up mouse adaptor.

Supports C64/C128, Amiga, Atari ST/STe/TT/Falcon, VIC-20 and the Atari 8-bit series with a total of nine different modes of operation, including 1351 mouse, Koala pad, paddle emulation, various other mice and trackballs.

The adaptor figures out most computer environments automatically and choosing a mode of operation is done by holding down one or more mouse buttons during power-up.

Find out more / buy at: https://icomp.de/shop-icomp/en/shop/product/micromys-v5.html

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