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SD2IEC SD card disc drive emulator

SD card floppy drive emulator

Various colours, cased or uncased with diskswap, reset/root buttons

from TFW8b   price: 25-55 GBP
platforms: Vic20,C64,C16,plus4,C128

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RodMan - special multiformat edition

Guide RodMan around the maze

More than a Pacman clone. Guide RodMan around the maze, collecting things, avoiding things, blowing up enemies.

from TFW8b   price: 20 GBP
platforms: Vic20,C16,C64,MSX,Oric,Spectrum, CPC,Atari

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Composite video / audio cable

Better picture quality than RF

Essential kit for getting a clearer picture or using your computer with modern monitors.

from TFW8b   price: 12 GBP
platforms: Vic20,C64,C16,plus4,XL,XE

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Pets Rescue

Classic-style platformer

Due to a strange explosion, pets turn into evil beings and veterinary Dr Andrea Brown takes off her lab coat and becomes Dr Dree.

from Psytronik   price: from 7.99 GBP
platforms: Plus4,C16

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DIAG 264

Diagnostic cartridge

Assists the identification of faults with RAM, ROM, I/O & CPU ports, and TED registers.

from TFW8b   price: 20 GBP
platforms: C16,Plus4

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9V power supply

Stable, reliable, efficient replacement supply

Replacement reliable supply for Spectrum or C16

from TFW8b   price: 18 GBP
platforms: Spectrum,C16

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Unijoysticle 2+

Modern bluetooth gamepads for retro computers

Use modern Bluetooth controllers (gamepads, mice, smart TV remote controllers, including Xbox One and Sony Dualshock 4) in retro computers like the Commodore 64/128, Atari ST, Amiga and more.

from RETRO.MOE   price: 39 USD
platforms: C64,C128,C16,Plus4,Vic20,XL,XE

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Commodore 1541 disk drive emulator

Raspberry Pi-based 1541 disk drive emulator for Commodore computers

from Shareware Plus (Tim Harris)   price: 149 GBP
platforms: C64,C128,Vic20,C16,Plus4

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Joystick Adapter

Commodore C16, Plus 4 and C116 to Atari

Allows standard joysticks to be used with the non-standard ports of the C16, C116 and Plus 4

from coolnovelties   price: 9.99 GBP
platforms: C16,Plus4,C116

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Sideways shoot-em-up for Plus 4 and C16

Power-up your Alpharay fighter and destroy the enemy robot fleet that is invading your home system.

from Psytronik   price: from 7.99 GBP
platforms: Plus4,C16

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7501/8501 replacement

MOS 7501/8501 CPU replacement

Direct replacement, no ROM change required.

from Zaxon   price: 50 GBP
platforms: C16,C116,Plus4

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Replacement PLA 251641-02

Programmable logic chip, direct replacement for C16 / Plus4 PLA

These are brand new (old stock) Philips PLS-100N chips which we have programmed with reverse-engineered PLA code

from Mutant Caterpillar Games Ltd (Ian Gledhill)   price: 22.99 GBP
platforms: C16,Plus4,C116

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LoadIt Load It

Commodore Datasette mod

Helps tape loading

from Shareware Plus (Tim Harris)   price: poa
platforms: C64,C128,C16,Vic20,Pet

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Commodore 16 8501 CPU replacement

8501 CPU replacement board and EPROM

Conversion board and an EPROM. (Supply your own 6510.)

from   price: 20 GBP
platforms: C16

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PLA replacement

replacement PLA for your Commodore 16 / 116 / Plus 4

GAL16V8B-based, fully programmed, soldered, assembled and tested.

from MyRetroStore   price: 12.50 GBP
platforms: C16, Plus4, C116

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Tapuino / Datuino Plex

A Digital Tape Deck For Commodore C64/Vic20/C16

load programs/games from a MicroSD card

from Retro Ready One (Lukasz Kucharuk)   price: 59.99 GBP
platforms: C64,Vic20,C16

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PLA Replacement

Fits various commodore computers with jumper configuration

from Individual Computers   price: 22,20 EUR
platforms: C64, PET.C16,Plus4,

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64k enhancement for C16/C116

Switchable between 16 and 64 kB RAM

from Protovision   price: 25 EUR
platforms: C16,C116

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MOS CPU Replacer

6510, 8501 replacement

Turns a 6502 Into a Drop-In 6510, 6510T, 8501, 8502 Equivalent

from Monotech PCs (Monotech)   price: from 15 NZD
platforms: Plus4, C64, C16

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