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ZX81 Keyboard membrane

Manufactured 2010

from RWAP Software (Rich Mellor)   price: 11 GBP
platforms: ZX81

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ZX80/81 replacement keyboard

Replacement keyboard membranes and / or stick on overlays

A kit with many options; membrane, overlay, connectors, base plate kit.

from Tynemouth Software   price: from 6.50 USD
platforms: ZX81,ZX80,TS1000

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Composite video buffer board

Simple single transistor composite video buffer board

Composite video mod for Atari, Sinclair and other computers.

from Tynemouth Software   price: 7.50 USD
platforms: ZX81,TS100,Spectrum

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Arcade classic recreated for ZX81

Destroy the invading robots, or trick them into destroying themselves. Don't take too long though, or the evil Otto will be chasing you!

from Cronosoft (bukster)   price: 5 GBP
platforms: ZX81

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Chroma 81 Interface

Multi-purpose peripheral for ZX81

Adds colour, SCART interface for sharp RGB picture, joystick and RS232 ports, ROM expansion socket.

from Paul Farrow   price: 60 GBP
platforms: ZX81

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Deluxe composite video mod kit

For a better picture than the standard RF signal

For Atari 2600, 7800 and ZX81. Some soldering required.

from TFW8b   price: 10 GBP
platforms: ZX81

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ZX81 1K Games Pack

Two classic games for ZX81 on cassette

Two conversions of classic games for unexpanded ZX81 by Russell Marks

from Cronosoft (bukster)   price: 5 GBP
platforms: ZX81

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TZXDuino 2.0

Tape emulator for Spectrum, ZX81, CPC

Load all your favourite games through the EAR input on your computer

from 8bits4ever   price: 40.00 EUR
platforms: Spectrum,ZX81,CPC

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Modulator innards replacement

Generates a composite signal, giving a good picture on modern displays.

from Mutant Caterpillar Games Ltd (Ian Gledhill)   price: 30 GBP
platforms: ZX81,TS1000,TS1500

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