Modulator innards replacement

from Mutant Caterpillar Games Ltd (Ian Gledhill)

price: 30 GBP platforms: ZX81,TS1000,TS1500

Generates a composite signal, giving a good picture on modern displays.

The ZX81 was designed to be used with a 1980s TV. The ULA doesn't give a properly compliant signal, so a modern display can't tell what's white and what's black. The ZXvid makes a compliant signal, improving the ZX81's signal immeasurably.

This is a board that replaces the one inside your existing RF modulator. This doesn't affect the outside of the computer, but does involve some soldering.

The ZXVid module is based on an original design by Andrew Rea, slightly modified and manufactured by Mutant Caterpillar Games Limited under license.

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