new stuff for old stuff

a manually-curated directory of new hardware, software, books and possibly services relating to old computers.

The aim is to support those who are doing work or producing or stocking hardware, software, books etc and inform and help those who are interested in the subject to find such products.

The aims and scope outlined here are designed to limit the scope of the project and keep it manageable at this early stage. They can be broadened if the project gains traction and more time can be given to it.

New means freshly-produced or new-old stock.

Products should relate to the popular home 8-bit computers produced between 1980 and the late '80s. Computers means computers that people can program if they want, not game consoles.

As there are so many homebrew games being written and distributed for free, initally I'm trying to stick to games with an option to buy a tape, cartridge or disc.

There will be an opt-in mailing list which may develop into a newsletter about retro computing.

I aim for a 'clean' website. The project may in time be funded by manually-placed advertising / features / promotions featuring stuff which is of interest to the readers. (None of those deceptive google ads with the big green 'download now' button).

In my experience (I have software products listed on directory websites as well as the app store) It takes a large number of reviews and ratings before you have a fair picture of the product. 'Reviews' can sometimes be support issues or out-of-proportion positive or negative rants. And sometimes of course, fake reviews. A good review or a bad review can make a huge difference to the developer's fortunes (hence the fake or paid reviews) and in the negative case, takes a long time to recover from.

So initially there will be no user reviews but a link to a professional or fair review published elsewhere (or simply a video showing actual gameplay in the absence of a good-quality review).

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