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SD Card drive for Commodore PET

Card storage for the Commodore PET in the style of the 2031-lp disk drive

from TFW8b   price: 99 GBP
platforms: PET

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Commodore PET Replacement Keyboard

A replacement keyboard for a Commodore PET using miniature tactile switches

replacement for a Commodore PET 2001 computer. PCB, kit or assembled.

from Tynemouth Software   price: 30 USD
platforms: PET

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Commodore PET ROM RAM upgrade / replacement

Plug-in replacement ROM / RAM

from TFW8b   price: 58.99 GBP
platforms: PET

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Modern mass storage solution for Commodore PET

standard SD card storage, optional LCD display. Instead of or alongside floppy disk drives. Makes file sharing between the PET and the PC easy.

from (Dave Stevenson)   price: from 65 GBP
platforms: PET

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