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RodMan - special multiformat edition

Guide RodMan around the maze

More than a Pacman clone. Guide RodMan around the maze, collecting things, avoiding things, blowing up enemies.

from TFW8b   price: 20 GBP
platforms: Vic20,C16,C64,MSX,Oric,Spectrum, CPC,Atari

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GOTEK USB Floppy drive emulator

Internal or external, ready to use

For many computers including Acorn, Amstrad, Amiga, Apple, Atari, Spectrum, MSX and more

from Simulant Systems Ltd   price: 23.50 GBP
platforms: Spectrum,BBC,CPC

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TZXDuino 2.0

Tape emulator for Spectrum, ZX81, CPC

Load all your favourite games through the EAR input on your computer

from 8bits4ever   price: 40.00 EUR
platforms: Spectrum,ZX81,CPC

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Hibernated 1: This Place is Death

This Place is Death

Text adventure game for multiple platforms.

from Pond Software   price: from 20 EUR
platforms: C64,C128,Spectrum,CPC,MSX

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Joystick Splitter

Diode type. Three fire button support

The Joystick splitter is great when playing two-player, two-joystick games like Gauntlet.

from KMTech Design (Kevin Mount)   price: 9.99 GBP
platforms: CPC

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Tape recorder cable

External cable, 2 x 3.5 jacks (ear and mic)

Cable to connect the DIN-5 Amstrad connector to an external cassette recorder via 2 x 3.5 jacks (ear and mic).

from Sintech UK   price: 6.99 GBP
platforms: CPC

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RGB Scart cable with Stereo Sound

for Amstrad CPC 464, 664 and 6128

For the best possible picture quality and stereo sound from your Amstrad CPC

from Sintech UK   price: 12.99 GBP
platforms: CPC

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Cassette player replacement

Behaves like an ordinary cassette player, plays digital files from a micro SD card

from arduitape (Duncan Edwards)   price: 20.00 GBP
platforms: ZX80,ZX81,Spectrum,Electron,CPC

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Arcade Game Designer (AGD)

Tool for creating ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC464 games

A game engine that lets you create professional-looking games for the Speccy and Amstrad CPC

from Jonathan Cauldwell   price: NYP
platforms: Spectrum,CPC

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