SpeedCalc 2019


from Ilker Ficicilar

price: free platforms: C64,C128

an enhanced version of the SpeedCalc (1986) for Commodore 64 and 128

SpeedCalc 2019 is an all machine language spreadsheet program for the Commodore 64. Compact, fast, easy to use, and has many of the features found in commercial spreadsheet programs.
The "SpeedScript Integrator" lets you merge your SpeedCalc files into SpeedScript word processing documents

You can include the SpeedCalc 2019 in the Final III plus cartridge EPROM, or run from floppy or .prg file.

Commodore 128 owners can enjoy the extra speed, SpeedCalc 2019 supports 2MHz for the C64 mode of the C128.

Find out more / buy at: http://cbm.ficicilar.name.tr/program/27/speedcalc-2019

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