cynthCART v2

Analogue Synthesizer with MIDI support

from Shareware Plus (Tim Harris)

price: 29.95 GBP platforms: C64,C128

a cartridge for the Commodore 64/128 that helps turn the computer into a standalone analogue synthesizer.

CynthCART's key-command user interface allows it to be played and controlled without a monitor, making it especially suitable for live performance.

The original Commodore 64 piano keyboard overlay can be used, and many keyboards are supported via MIDI interfaces including Datel, Passport, Sequential, and Kerberos. (CynthCART does not have MIDI ports - separate cartridge required.) Paddle controllers in port 2 can control filter, pulse width, vibrato, and pitch

Features 30 preset sound patches, Arpeggiator, portamento, vibrato, and tremolo effects, Analogue filter control and effects, Control of attack, release, and other sound parameters, MIDI support including pitch bend, patch changes, and controllers, On-screen help, Colour visualizer display, Mono stack, 3-voice mode, and 6-voice mode (with second SID), No latency, SID hex editor for advanced users, Ability to turn off video chip to reduce noise, PAL and NTSC pitch tables with automatic selection, Copies itself to RAM (cartridge can be removed after booting).

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