Get 'Em DX

procedurally generated maze game

from RGCD

price: from 7.99 GBP platforms: C64,C128

Maze shmup that plays like Pac Man with guns, optionally with two players

The goal on each level is to eat all the crosses, then grab the key that appears and head for the exit door. However, there's also a motley bunch of nasty characters who'll try their best to kill you, block your path and otherwise hinder your progress. In fact, they'll even run off with the exit key if you don't collect it first!

NTSC and PAL compatible, its joystick-only control means that it is playable on the Commodore 64 GS console.

The main link goes to the cartridge version, sold by RGCD. The disk and tape versions are sold by partners Psytronik.

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