A product directory listing new hardware, software and books for 8-bit microcomputers.

Does mention of Commodore 64, Vic20, Sinclair ZX81 and Spectrum, BBC Micro, Acorn electron or Dragon 32 raise your pulse? Did you enjoy the heady feeling of potential and unlimited possibility at the sight of a BASIC flashing cursor? Did you love working so directly with the hardware? Maybe you're new to 8-bit computing and discovering these things for the first time.

There are some amazing people producing new accessories, software and games for these computers and I aim to support them and promote 8-bit / retro computing by listing them here. This site is new but gaining content daily.

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Recently added/updated products:

Epyx Fastload Cartridge

Give you disk drive or SD2IEC device the boost it needs

Comes with many built in DOS Wedge commands that make light work of opening and running disks.

from kelliejh2014   price: 35.00 AUD
platforms: C64,C128

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piDrive ZERO

Raspberry Pi hat 1541 1581 Emulator

A hat for the Pi Zero or Zero W With the same features asfull size pi1541 for the 3 series.

from commodore4ever   price: 29.99 USD
platforms: C64,C128,Vic20

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Wifi Modem

Commodore4ever Wifi Modem v2.3

Connect to your favourite Commodore BBSs via telnet.

from commodore4ever   price: 29.99 USD
platforms: C64,C128,Vic20,Plus4

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The Shadow Over Hawksmill

Adventure / puzzle game based on C'thulhu mythos

The 100th release from Psytronik Software. From the team behind the multi-award-winning release Rocky Memphis: The Legend Of Atlantis.

from Psytronik   price: from 6.29 GBP
platforms: C64

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The TOM Rev2

Mouse / gamepad / joystick adaptor

USB to 9-pin

from electronica4u   price: 31.49 USD
platforms: C64,C128

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SD card SSD for BBC Micro

Suitable for BBC Micro Model B, the B+ and Master 128

from IFEL   price: 14.95 GBP
platforms: BBC

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256K Memory Expansion

Increase the RAM of very early 256K Sam Coupes to the standard 512K

This upgrade will increase the RAM of very early 256K Sam Coupes to the standard 512K. (Please note that this item is only for Sams with 256K memory.

from Quazar (Colin Piggot)   price: 34.99 GBP
platforms: SAM

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BBC Multi Co-Processor Kit

Raspberry Pi Multi-CPU 1.4GHz Co-Processor Kit

This can emulate many of the different co-processors available to the BBC Micro such as 6502, Z80, 80286, 32016, 6809, ARM.

from retroclinic.com (Mark Haysman)   price: 59.95 GBP
platforms: BBC,Electron

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PAL/NTSC Switcher Kit with LumaFix

Board contains PAL and NSTC VicII chips (not included) crystals etc and allows you to switch between the two

from perifractic / Retro Recipes (Christian Simpson )   price: 79.99 USD
platforms: C64

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Minstrel Tactile Switch Keyboard

A 40-key keyboard arranged in a 5x8 matrix suitable for ZX80 and ZX81 or other projects

The 40 tactile switches are arranged in a 5x8 matrix which matches the layout used in ZX80 and ZX81 computers, and can be used with a Spectrum if the rows are re-ordered when wiring up.

from Tynemouth Software   price: from 30 GBP
platforms: ZX80,ZX81

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Add FM sound to your C64

Sound Expander compatible. See it as adding Adlib to your C64.

from XeNTaX (Mr.Mouse)   price: 55 EUR
platforms: C64

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Ms Rodman

C64 Cartridge

Guide Rodwina around the maze, collecting the dots. Not forgetting to collect bombs and use them to blow up Rodwina's enemies.

from TFW8b   price: 9.99 GBP
platforms: C64

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Snake game cartridge

Guide the Nibbler around the maze without eating himself! He grows as he eats.

from TFW8b   price: 9.99 GBP
platforms: Vic20

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cynthCART v2

Analogue Synthesizer with MIDI support

a cartridge for the Commodore 64/128 that helps turn the computer into a standalone analogue synthesizer.

from Shareware Plus (Tim Harris)   price: 29.95 GBP
platforms: C64,C128

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LumaFix 128

For Commodore 128 and 128D

Enjoy a better picture

from Shareware Plus (Tim Harris)   price: 26.50 GBP
platforms: C128

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BackBit C64 Cartridge

Instant loading from SD card

Many formats supported plus custom multi-disk format. Powered from cartridge slot.

from BackBit   price: from 79 USD
platforms: C64

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VIC20 Diagnostics Kit

cartridge with loopback plugs

Consists of a cartridge and a set of loopback plugs. Together these can be used to diagnose common faults with the VIC20. There is a dedicated diagnostics cartridge, or a ROM/RAM board, which can be used for other things as well as the diagnostics.

from Tynemouth Software   price: from 35.00 USD
platforms: Vic20

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SD card interface for C64

A no-cable design with throughput serial port.

from Retro Ready One (Lukasz Kucharuk)   price: 38.99 GBP
platforms: C64

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User Port Breakout Board

C64 User Port Breakout Adapter

Allows you full access to the pins hidden inside your Commodore

from Syzygy Systems (Project Geek)   price: 12 USD
platforms: C64

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floppy drive / tape emulator

Emulates up to 4 physical floppy drives and one tape drive with touch-screen control

from Vintage Computer Center   price: 65 USD
platforms: XL,XE

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Bus Expander

90 degree 2-way expander

Use up to two peripherals at the same time.

from divide (Jaroslav Smetak)   price: 6.00 EUR
platforms: Spectrum

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WiFi Modem

WiFi Modem for C64 and 128 which emulates a standard Hayes compatible modem.

from cbmstuff.com (Jim Drew)   price: 54.95 USD
platforms: C64/C128

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Internal MMC/SD/SDHC interface for Spectrum

Mass storage directly from BASIC for Spectrum +2a-b/+3

from 8bits4ever   price: 44.99 EUR
platforms: Spectrum

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Unijoysticle 2

Modern bluetooth gamepads for retro computers

Use modern Bluetooth controllers (gamepads, mice, smart TV remote controllers, including Xbox One and Sony Dualshock 4) in retro computers like the Commodore 64/128, Atari ST, Amiga and more.

from RETRO.MOE   price: 35 USD
platforms: C64,C128,C16,Plus4,Vic20,XL,XE

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9V power supply

Stable, reliable, efficient replacement supply

Replacement reliable supply for Spectrum or C16

from TFW8b   price: 15.99 GBP
platforms: Spectrum,C16

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