ZX Spectrum - RC2014 Bus Interface

2 slots to add RC2014 I/O peripherals to your ZX Spectrum

from Quazar (Colin Piggot)

price: 26.99 GBP platforms: Spectrum

ZX Spectrum - RC2014 Bus Interface

2 expansion slots to add peripherals for the RC2014 Z80 based systems to your ZX Spectrum.

Supporting all models of ZX Spectrum, although there may be clashes between the ports that the Spectrum already uses, and the ports that an RC2014 module uses. Often the latter are configurable.

Notably, the Ed Brindley AY module can be configured to use the same ports as the 128k spectrums and therefore can add AY sound to a 48k Speccy.

Also adds a reset button and alternative power supply. This board comes with or without the Spectrum through-port.

Find out more / buy at: https://ebay.us/pBZvkC

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