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Serial Mouse Interface

Use a PC Serial Mouse (or a PS/2 Combi mouse with a PS/2 to Serial adapter) with the SAM

Fully compatible with existing SAM Software

from Quazar (Colin Piggot)   price: 49.99 USD
platforms: SAM

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256K Memory Expansion

Increase the RAM of very early 256K Sam Coupes to the standard 512K

This upgrade will increase the RAM of very early 256K Sam Coupes to the standard 512K. (Please note that this item is only for Sams with 256K memory.

from Quazar (Colin Piggot)   price: 34.99 GBP
platforms: SAM

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16-bank flash memory card

A 16 bank flash memory card for holding ROM images.

from Quazar (Colin Piggot)   price: 19.99 GBP
platforms: Spectrum,SAM

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ZX Rom

Cartridge slot

Interface 2 style cartridge slot

from Quazar (Colin Piggot)   price: 16.99 GBP
platforms: Spectrum

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ZX ROM slot for SAM

Spectrum ROM Cartridge slot for SAM Coupe

from Quazar (Colin Piggot)   price: 39.99 GBP
platforms: SAM

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8580 SID Adapter

8580 to 6581 adaptor

connect the 8580 SID into devices designed for the 6581

from Quazar (Colin Piggot)   price: 14.99 GBP
platforms: C64,C128

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