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A ZX81 ULA replacement

Preserve your original ZX81 ULA or replace a broken one.

from vRetro (Charlie Ingley)   price: 24.95 USD
platforms: ZX81

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Cassette player replacement

Behaves like an ordinary cassette player, plays digital files from a micro SD card

from arduitape (Duncan Edwards)   price: 20.00 GBP
platforms: ZX80,ZX81,Spectrum,Electron,CPC

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Brand new direct replacement Z80

Modern lower-power CMOS version, made by Zilog

from   price: 4.75 GBP
platforms: Spectrum,ZX81,ZX80

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Composite video output for ZX81

Crystal clear picture

from PokeMon   price: 10.90 EUR
platforms: ZX81, ZX80

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Modulator innards replacement

Generates a composite signal, giving a good picture on modern displays.

from Mutant Caterpillar Games Ltd (Ian Gledhill)   price: 30 GBP
platforms: ZX81,TS1000,TS1500

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Deluxe composite video mod kit

For a better picture than the standard RF signal

For Atari 2600, 7800 and ZX81. Some soldering required.

from TFW8b   price: 12.50 GBP
platforms: ZX81

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ZX81 Keyboard membrane

Manufactured 2010

from RWAP Software (Rich Mellor)   price: 10.50 GBP
platforms: ZX81

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