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Connect any kind of VGA monitor, Kempston joystick

Works in parallel with internal graphics IC (ULA) taking video data directly and provides crystal clear picture on VGA monitors.

from Sintech UK   price: 59.95 GBP
platforms: Spectrum

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Kempston Joystick and AY 3-8910 Sound Interface

Combination of two interfaces: A standard Kempston Joystick and a AY-Sound output

from Sintech UK   price: 45 GBP
platforms: Spectrum 48k

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PSU for Spectrum +2A/+2B/+3

Power Supply for ZX Spectrum +2A/+2B/+3

Smaller, modern power supply

from Sintech UK   price: 32.95 GBP
platforms: Spectrum

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RAM / Z80 CPU module

Replacement for Z80 and bottom RAM

from Sintech UK   price: 34.99 GBP
platforms: Spectrum

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