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Micromys V5

PS2 mouse adapter

Versatile and easy-to-set-up mouse adaptor.

from Individual Computers   price: 31,19 EUR
platforms: C64,C128,Vic20,XL,XE

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C64 Reloaded MK2

C64 Motherboard

New board, mostly populated. You need to supply some key chips.

from Individual Computers   price: 192,28 EUR
platforms: C64

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Nordic Replay

Freezer, monitor, fastload

Successor to the Retro Replay. Supplied assembled, with a pre-flashed Retro Replay ROM.

from Individual Computers   price: 62,32 EUR
platforms: C64,C128

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Turbo Chameleon V2

multipurpose cartridge

Standalone FPGA retro computer emulator, or expansion cartridge for C64

from Individual Computers   price: 208,12 EUR
platforms: C64

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C64c Case

New Commodore C64c replacement case

Available in a selection of colours.

from Individual Computers   price: 56,12 EUR
platforms: C64

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PLA Replacement

Fits various commodore computers with jumper configuration

from Individual Computers   price: 22,20 EUR
platforms: C64, PET.C16,Plus4,

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