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SIO to USB interface

connects the Atari SIO port to PC/MAC computer

from Retro Lemon   price: 28.69 GBP
platforms: XL,XE

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64KB SRAM module

base DRAM memory replacement

replaces base 64KB RAM in all 8-bit Ataris

from Retro Lemon   price: 26.39 GBP
platforms: XL,XE

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WiFi modem

wireless internet adapter

from Retro Lemon   price: 43.64 GBP
platforms: C64,C128,Vic20,Plus4

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Ultimate 1MB expansion

configurable memory expansion

configurable memory expansion / flashable ROM

from Retro Lemon   price: 82.74 GBP
platforms: XL,XE

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