Ultimate 1MB expansion

configurable memory expansion

from Retro Lemon

price: 86.19 GBP platforms: XL,XE

configurable memory expansion / flashable ROM

As solderless as possible (only RW, PHI2, HALT and RESET lines need soldering when MMU and OS rom are socketed)
fully flashable SpartaDOS-X with up to 320 kilobytes of space for its purposes
Real Time Clock module for SDX with battery backup and NVRAM
fully flashable 4 OS ROM slots
hardware write protect for the whole flash array
configurable memory expansion with 4 modes of operation (disabled, 320k Rambo, 576k Compy Shop, 1088k Rambo)
customisable BASIC and MISSLE COMMAND slots (also flashable)

Find out more / buy at: https://ebay.us/DdNxj9

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