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80 Colums

80 column interface for the C64

Written in 2004

from Christopher Magro the Maltese   price: free
platforms: C64

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Reformats Commodore BASIC programs to make them more readable

Reformats, splits lines, adds explanations.

from kbilsted (Kasper B. Graversen)   price: free
platforms: C64

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Hesmon 64 Cartidge

Machine language monitor

Hesware's HES MON 64 cartridge for Commodore 64 or Commodore 128

from (Jim Drew)   price: 9.95 USD
platforms: C64,C128

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SpeedCalc 2019


an enhanced version of the SpeedCalc (1986) for Commodore 64 and 128

from Ilker Ficicilar   price: free
platforms: C64,C128

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Bunny Basic

Basic interpreter

Relatively fast, limited instruction set, integer-only basic interpreter for Commodore 64 and Commodore VIC 20

from Aleksi's Eight Bit Shed ( )   price: free
platforms: Vic20,C64

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