SD card-based cassette tape replacement

from despegatop

price: 68.90 GBP platforms: Spectrum,CPC,MSX,Dragon

The TZXDuino/CASDuino is a tape deck replacement for 8-bit computers that reads tape digital files from an SD card and plays them back via standard 3.5mm audio jack.

With the TZXDuino firmware installed it can play .TZX/TAP files (ZX Spectrum) and .CDT files (Amstrad CPC) and with the CASDuino firmware it can also play MSX and Dragon .CAS files.

You must send a message when ordering to indicate which firmware you would like installed.

The unit has a 3.5mm audio socket and an additional 2.5mm REM socket for computers with Motor Control.

Cable, SD card and 5V DC power supply not included.

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