Video Scalar for BBC

Improved picture and compatibility

from J.S. Technology Ltd

price: 39 GBP platforms: BBC

Can be used with a BBC SCART lead to display a picture on a modern monitor where de-interlacing is needed or for a better-looking image.

This Video Scalar takes an interlaced video input on the SCART connector and output a de-interlaced signal on a VGA connector. De-interlacers are also sometimes known as line-doublers. This output is then compatible with most good quality PC monitors and thereby allows the display of standard video from a variety of sources. Both composite and RGB SCART inputs can be used. The converter auto-detects the presence of RGB through the pin-16 function provided by the SCART connector.

This information sheet gives more information.

Various old computers have been tested using this box including Amiga, Sinclair QLand some early consoles as well as the BBC.

The necessary BBC to SCART lead is available from many places including Retro Computer Shack.

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