DivMMC Pro One

SD card and two joystick interface

from Bytedelight

price: 68.99 GBP platforms: Spectrum

Plug and play with any Spectrum, two SD card sockets, two configurable joystick ports, through edge connector.

Autodetection of the ZX Spectrum model: no jumper or DIP switch needs to be set to a specific machine.

Out of the box the joystick ports act as Kempston joystick and Cursor joystick. You can select: Kempston joystick + Cursor joystick, Sinclair 1 joystick + Sinclair 2 joystick, Kempston joystick + Fuller joystick.

FAT and FAT32 compatible - easy file transfer from PC, Mac or Linux. Support for various emulator formats: .TAP, .SNA, .Z80, .TRD. New and easy BASIC commands and many fun and useful tools. Create snapshots to continue a game later. Direct file access to SD card with easy commands.

Find out more / buy at: https://www.bytedelight.com/?product=divmmc_enjoy_pro_one

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