Penultimate+2 Cartridge

VIC20 0-32k/35k Ram Expansion and more

from TFW8b

price: 64.99 GBP platforms: Vic20

VIC20 0-32k/35k Ram Expansion, selectable 3K, 8K, 16K, 24K, 32K, 35K, plus ROMs and menu

Menu-driven ROM / RAM cartridge for PAL or NTSC Vic20.

An updated version of the original penultimate cartridge, the '+2' includes more software and an updated interface.

It also includes around 200 Roms including the Vic20 titles that tfw8bit is distributing; Cheese and Onion, Rodman and Pentagorat. As if that wasn't enough, it also includes diagnostic testers such as DeadTest+, IEC Test+.

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