BBC/Electron joystick adaptor

Retro Joystick BBC Micro / Electron Adapter

from Monster Joysticks

price: 6.99 GBP platforms: BBC,Electron

connect your Atari-style joystick to BBC or Electron

You can connect most Atari-style joysticks to either your BBC Micro Model B/B+/Master or Acorn Electron (with the Plus 1 Module) with this tiny adapter, it fits snugly into the rear analogue port and offers 2 digital joystick connectors.

The adapter is also compatible with most C64, Atari, Amiga, MSX joysticks however it will not work with joysticks or controllers with resistors on the inpit to ground lines. for example it is not compatible with Master System or Mega Drive (Genesis) controllers.

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