BBC Multi Co-Processor Kit

Raspberry Pi Multi-CPU 1.4GHz Co-Processor Kit

from (Mark Haysman)

price: 59.95 GBP platforms: BBC,Electron

This can emulate many of the different co-processors available to the BBC Micro such as 6502, Z80, 80286, 32016, 6809, ARM.

Any second processor needs the Tube Host code inside the BBC Micro to run. This is always fitted in a Master 128, and is usually present in a B+. However, a Model B may not have it fitted, and you may need an additional DNFS ROM to allow this to work. Also suitable for the Acorn Electron, providing you have a compatible tube interface.

Comes complete with a Raspberry Pi Model 3A+, fully configured with the firmware pre-installed onto a MicroSD card, a 30cm Tube cable, and four self adhesive mounting posts.

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