LumaFix 128

For Commodore 128 and 128D

from Shareware Plus (Tim Harris)

price: 26.50 GBP platforms: C128

Enjoy a better picture

LumaFix128 has the same function as LumaFix64 with the added flexibility to adjust all five signals that affect the Luma display, using the dip switches below these can also be disconnected to get an ever crisper display. There's also the chroma adjustment which gives good results on the composite video on a TV as well as improving the s-video checkered pattern.

Fits all 128 Models - 128, 128D Metal and 128D Plastic.

LumaFix128 boxed with instructions & screwdriver only. Includes a spare IC socket for the 128D Metal case to lift the LumaFix128 above the onboard Capacitor.

LumaFix128 is copyright Fredric QJ Blaholtz, manufactured by Shareware Plus

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