VIC20 Diagnostics Kit

cartridge with loopback plugs

from Tynemouth Software

price: from 35.00 USD platforms: Vic20

Consists of a cartridge and a set of loopback plugs. Together these can be used to diagnose common faults with the VIC20. There is a dedicated diagnostics cartridge, or a ROM/RAM board, which can be used for other things as well as the diagnostics.

The VIC20 Diagnostics Kit is available as an assembled and tested set, or as a self assembly kit, or just a set of PCBs to build your own. The choice of a dedicate cartridge or a reusable ROM and RAM cartridge give the user various options.

(Not guaranteed to diagnose all the faults on your VIC20. It will not function if there are power problems or a faulty CPU, and at least part of the kernal ROM needs to be running in order to start the cartridge, and the VIC chip needs to be at least partly running to show the screen)

The cartridges are provided without a case. They can be used like this, or if you prefer, they can be fitted into either an original Commodore cartridge case, or one of the newly manufactured cases from TheFutureWas8bit

PAL and NTSC versions of the diagnostic software are included in the ROMs of the kit and built options.

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